Workshop is a “Members Only” creative co-living, co-working retail and studio boutique in
Richmond, Virginia, that opened in August 2018. The focus of the flagship is to house the top
artists, trades masters, experts, educators and innovators. Hosts instruct fun, informational
workshops or events that may inspire students to improve their skills and possibly start something of their own. 

Workshop also retails products by both local and international brands, rotating the brands through various marketing strategies periodically for additional exposure.

We will also provide an array of services, such as event planning, public relations,
fundraising, graphic design, general contracting, project management, administrative
assistance, accounting assistance, app and website development, photography, videography,
wardrobe styling, t-shirt printing, branding, guerrilla marketing and more.

We are community champions proudly participating in the worldwide, youth-led climate strike initiative, encouraging everyone to use eco-friendly living and business practices for a healthier future! 
Eco-Friendly Fundraiser


We are located in the Downtown Arts District of Richmond at 420 West Broad Street, near the VCUarts campus, VCU Institute for Contemporary Art and multiple boutiques. The area is a main attraction for First Fridays, which are a big part of Richmond Art culture. The storefront is located in the historical Jackson Ward area, cemented in the culture, just as we plan to be for years to come. 

We are not the only ones who believe in the vision for Workshop. Pharrell Williams’ Something In The Water Festival, Richmond BizSense, M-Lifestyle Magazine, Lowe's, Radio One, VCU Arts and others have all either donated, cosigned or helped with the process of Workshop, and the support list keeps growing. Various brands, mobile apps and community organizations have already reached out to utilize Workshop's platform in some way. We are well-connected, respected and admired for some of our previous work in the community from our core founding organizational partners.


Being based around values and importance of family, unity and community, we will continue to
attract a wide array of people of all ages. 

We are very close to three major campuses, Virginia Union University, Virginia State University
and Virginia Commonwealth University, creating high traffic on a daily basis from college

Much of our network consists of working-world adults and graduates. We already have a strong
following and support system due to the many initiatives put into play by our founding
organizational partners.

Community Impact

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Eco-Friendly Fundraiser

Donate us your clothes!

420 W. Broad St. RVA

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